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Essay- Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers

Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers   Introductio n-  It can't be denied that the world has progressed in all spheres of life by leaps and bounds. Our life, these days, is certainly more comfortable than that of our forefathers. But, the question is that "Are we happier than them?"   Life of Our Forefathers -  The world of our forefathers was different from that of today. They lived in villages. Scientific  inventions were not made. There were no planes, cars, movie, radio etc. There was no electricity so they were deprived of all the comforts. They moved in the jolting, slow-moving carts or carriages. The life was simple. They were engaged in tilling the soil for a living. They got their daily needs easily. They had plenty of everything. They took active part in all sorts of games. Contentment and happiness prevailed there.  Life of Our s-  In our modern age, life- is full of comforts and luxuries. We have a much longer life to enjoy our freedom. Modern medicine has impr

Essay- The Best Use of Leisure / The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time

The Best Use of Leisure Or The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time Introduction -   Leisure means free time away from routine work, which can be spent doing activities of hobbies which one likes to do. Some misunderstand the meaning of leisure. For them it means whiling away time, roaming and wandering aimlessly, playing pranks etc. Leisure is a must to give a break to a dull routine.   Forms of Leisure - There may be several forms of leisure like reading, singing, dancing, collecting stamps etc but we should choose one that can help in the improvement of our lives. Leisure time may not come very frequently and should therefore be used wisely. We should value this time as taking time out from the set routine. Leisure time can be used for reflection, relaxation and setting goals into perspective.   The Best Use - There are many ways of using leisure in the most useful way. We can render help to the needy. We are in the category of the literate. In our spare moments we can make an illiterate

Essay-Pollution, Pollution Control

Why and How the Earth should be Protected from Pollutants Or Pollution Or Environmental Pollution Or Our Attitude towards Nature Or Pollution in Metropolitan Cities Or Pollution Control Introduction -   Environment is the surrounding of an organism. This environment in which an organism lives is made up of various elements like air, water, land etc. Any kind of undesirable and unwanted change in the proportions of these elements can be termed as pollution. Causes of Pollution - The poisonous water and waste product of the factories mingle with the water bodies and poison them. Resultantly, the aquatic life gets affected. The water is rendered useless which can neither be used for drinking nor for washing. This also results in the reduction of the area of water bodies. Such a situation arises when non-degradable products are dumped on fallow land or on the banks of rivers and sea shores. Harmful Effects -  Waste materials such as plastics, polythene, bottles etc cause land pollution and

Essay- Your Favourite Martyr : Bhagat Singh

Your Favourite Martyr : Bhagat Singh Introduction-   Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September, 1907 in a Sikh family in village Banga in Lyallpur district of Punjab (present day Pakistan). His family had been actively involved in the Indian independence movement and patriotism flowed in his blood. Childhood -  As a child, Bhagat Singh was enrolled at Dayanand Anglo Vedic School in Lahore. There he came into contact with some well-known political leaders like Lala Lajpat Rai and Ras Bihari Bose. In 1919, when Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place, Bhagat Singh was barely 12 years old. The incident really disturbed him. On the next day of the tragic event, Bhagat Singh went to Jallianwala Bagh and collected soil from the spot, and kept it as a memento for the rest of his life. At the age of 14 ,  he was one of those who welcomed. protestors against the killing of a large number of unarmed people at Gurudwara Nankana Sahib on 20th February, 1921. He also participated actively in the Mahatma G

Essay- Most Popular Sportsman / Favorite Sportsman : SR Tendulkar

  SR Tendulkar: Favorite Sportsman       Most Popular Sportsman   Introduction - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born at Nirmal Nursing Home, Mumbai on 24th April, 1973. His father, Ramesh Tendulkar, was a well-known Marathi novelist and his mother, Rajni, worked in the insurance industry. Early Cricket Career- On 14th November, 1987, Tendulkar was selected to represent Mumbai in the Rajni Trophy, India's premier domestic First-class cricket tournament for the season 1987-88. However, he was not selected for the final eleven in any of the matches, though he was often used as a substitute fielder. He narrowly missed out on playing alongside his ideal Gavaskar, who had retired from all forms of cricket after the 1987 Cricket World Cup. A year later, on 11th December, 1988, aged just 15 years and 232 days, Tendulkar made his debut for Mumbai against Gujarat at home and scored 100 not out in that match, becoming the youngest Indian to score a century on debut in first-class cricket. He wa